Friday, May 18, 2018



I love the vibrant greens that climb from the low valleys up the steep slopes of the southern Appalachian mountains in early Spring as the trees bud. There are hundreds of green shades carpeting the scenery while the higher ranges are still clothed in winter barrenness. Spring flowers take advantage of the open canopies. I enjoy these spring colors more than our fall showing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


MAY 1, 2018

It's springtime. The bears have come out of hibernation. Just this week on a bicycle ride home after work, as I rounded a bend on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a mature black bear came bounding out of the woods and stopped on the pavement. She turned toward me. I could read in her eyes from 80 feet away the question "Is he edible?" Apparently not, for she then scampered on, dropping off into the opposite forest.

Blackie also stirred from his recent rest. He reminded me that in 2016 we had attended a family wedding in Virginia just days into that year's cross-country trip. Afterwards we left the route and came home for a few weeks until son was driving through on his way back to St. Louis. Then we hitched a lift that placed us just west of Kentucky near the Mississippi River. We had missed Kentucky! and the climbs of the Virginia/Kentucky Appalachians!

"We should ride Kentucky," said Blackie.

And to get there "We should ride the Blue Ridge Parkway," said Robbie, from Cherokee to its northern terminus that just happens to be near Charlottesville, VA where we left off and where nephew-in-law Peter lives. 

"It will be our gap year!"

"ROAD TRIP!" think the boys. Lou stretched and agreed.  

Be careful when waking a bear

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Jerry, Robbie, and companion Blackie We're dressed for riding...but not this day!




Thanks to Jerry of Portland who came down to see me and ferried me past Eugene, Oregon for the gain of a day, desired for San Francisco arrival. Jerry accompanied me to sea fall on the Pacific Ocean, where I completed my cross-country bicycle tour by dipping the front wheel into the western waters. The Oregon sand dunes had very strong evening winds that made lofting my bike overhead difficult. We didn't linger on the late evening beach. Jerry was also with me at the conclusion of the 2013 cross-country ride, riding that year the last two days with me to the beach west of Astoria, Oregon.
It's very windy